Roc Flock

The Veiled Isle

A mission for dirt

After the high of saving Absolom for a death cult, the party struggled to determine exactly what their next course of action should be. It was ultimately decided that Yowen would go on a personal quest to “save the souls” found in the armor while the rest of the party would busy themselves with adventuring outside of the city (hoping to avoid more alien raids).

There were a few precursors to the party’s departure: Khalid injected himself into the middle of a drug cartel’s turf war, Fosk hired on a crew (including a very odd half-drow who lusts for battle), Gijit and Rai-il tracked down a lead on air gensai grave dirt to repower the dimensional anchor rod that once trapped Master Gelban and held all of Absolom under it’s control, Marr had another godly revelation and confirmed that he does have the ability to fly (due to his own “divine will”), and, as if sent from a higher power (even higher than Marr), a mysterious Tengu sailor arrived on the ship looking for work. The Tengu, Diesel, quickly proved his worth being the only one of the prospective crew who was trained in navigation and had been to the Razor Coast before (the destination for the upcoming voyage). Oh, the fact that he had an air elemental as his companion certainly didn’t hurt his chances “fitting in” with this motley crew.

After a handful of days at sea (really above the sea), the party was jolted to action by a fireball from below. A pirate ship, towing it’s latest booty, had decided to fire the first shot, hoping to scare off the aerial predator. Unfortunately, their efforts backfired…big time.

The party successfully executed their first aerial assault with a combination of paratroopers, ballista shots, and a dimension door. Having only killed 2 crew members and incapacitating the raging female dwarf mate, the party convinced Captain Smiles to hand over her vessel.

It just so happened that Smiles had a dead sailor pickling in her cargo hold that had been to a mysterious lost island somewhere in Turmoil (the Bermuda Triangle of the Razor Coast). With a well used Speak with Dead, she had pinpointed the location, but was unable to chart a course as she wasn’t sure that she could obtain passage into Turmoil without Admiral Tame’s permission. Tame is the most infamous pirate cannibal around.

The biggest difference between Smiles’ plight and that of the newly named “Randal’s Roost” was that the Roost can fly (and avoid Tame’s curious and baffling way of knowing everyone who entered the waters of Turmoil). Now with 2 ships (and Marr finally able to call himself “Captain”), the party made plans to keep the new prizes in a holding pattern (outside of Turmoil) while they found the Veiled Isle.

Upon discovering the isle (which was quite easy when you are a few hundred feet above the sea), it was clear that semi-intelligent apes had colonized the land that once held some sort of golden-plated temple structure. They hastily made plans to drop a dingy into the caldera lake (thus hopefully still avoiding the “waters of Turmoil”). Things seemed to get hot while paddling, but the scylla proved no match for the firepower of the party.

Now, safety on land (after a brief assault from some of the 4 armed gorillas, the party marched right up to a cave dwelling they spotted from the air and proceeded to make friends with the local resident; a large, white-haired, four armed, vampiric ape.

Despite the offer of fresh dinner (4 armed orc), and many unending pleas, only Marr decided to be “friends” with her. That friendship nearly cost Khalid his life, narrowly escaping his second straight combat death. That said, once first blood was drawn, the party had no trouble ended the unlife of this abomination.

With the apparent matriarch of the island dealt with, the party was ready to proceed to the “City of Gold” and harvest the grave dirt they so deeply desired.


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